Kon: There is less and less chance that the virus will disappear, it stays here VIDEO

"It is difficult for us to extinguish the epidemic so quickly. Without the vaccine, it would last for several years. We will see how the virus will behave. There is less and less possibility that the virus will disappear, it remains here," Kon concluded.
He said that Belgrade is not hotspot at this moment.
"Belgrade is not a hotbed at the moment, because there are not so many patients in relation to the number of inhabitants, but the potential possibility of rapid expansion is still great," Kon said.
He believes that the masks have given results, but that the reduction in the number of infected people is going slower than when the restrictive measures were in force.
"We should strive to reduce the number of infected to zero, but that is difficult. The masks have given results. The fact is that it is going much slower than it was when restrictive measures were in force, but a reduction is visible. However, the virus is still present", Kon said.
He once again stressed the importance of reducing the number of those infected.
"We have to go down to a two-digit number, and even a one-digit number. However, as long as the virus is in circulation, the situation is uncertain," he said.

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