Secluded paradise draws attention of local tourists wanting to holiday in isolation

The Çamlıkoy Nature Park, which houses different shades of green, a clean sea, and camping and recreation areas, has become the preferred hotspot for local tourists during the pandemic with its proximity to Istanbul and its unique nature.

Holidaymakers enjoy the bays where blue and green meet on the Black Sea coast of the northwestern province of Tekirdağ, at the foot of the Istranca Mountains.

Visitors also find the opportunity to travel by sea into which the Bahçeköy Stream flows as they camp by pitching a tent in the region.

Çamlıkoy has become a frequent destination for those who want to take a break from city life, said Ahmet Hacıoğlu, the provincial director of culture and tourism.

"This is a marine tourism area. At the same time, it is an area with nature trails, hiking trails, suitable for camping and caravans," Hacıoğlu noted.

"The most important tourism perception that developed after the pandemic was ecotourism. This place is perfect for it," he added.

"Çamlıkoy is a corner of paradise where there are trekking and hiking trails. It is very important that places suitable for ecotourism are close to Istanbul. People don't want to waste time on the roads," he said.


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