Crisis Staff reached a decision: Who needs a negative PCR test to enter Serbia

The decision applies to Northern Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, epidemiologist Darija Kisic Tepavcevic told RTS.
It was also decided to stop the restrictions that applied to the citizens of Montenegro. All measures take effect from tomorrow.
The PCR test is not required for Serbian citizens coming from these countries.
Minister Lonar said that the situation with the coronavirus is better than in the previous days.
"But it's still a large number and there's no room for relaxation," he says.
He says that it is necessary to continue to adhere to the measures that give results, and in that way help the health system.
When asked if we are preparing for the second wave, Loncar says:
"We have to be ready. Coronavirus has surprised us many times. Not only us, but the whole world. What can we expect in the fall when it merges with other viruses, when we can't open the windows, and when we'll stay indoors - which is normal because it will be colder - we are getting ready, we are building new hospitals", Loncar concluded.

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