Protests in Bulgaria: “Protecting democracy!” is the Motto of 37th Day of Anti-Government Protests

Today is the 37th day of anti-government protests in Sofia.

The road blocks put up by the protesters remain in three key locations - at Eagles' Bridge, in the space between the buildings of the Council of Ministers and the Presidency, and in front of Sofia University.

At 5 AM this morning a 4th intersection which was blocked by protesters last night - in front of the Romanian embassy - was cleared by the gendarmerie. Three people were arrested during the raid- two because they did not have identity documents, and one for failure to obey police orders, BNR's reporter report.

The protesters are demanding the resignations of the government and of the prosecutor general Ivan Geshev, and machine voting.

The tent camp put up by protesters in front of the city hall in Varna remains in place. For the 10th day drivers have had to look for alternative routes so as to ber able to avoid the area, BNT reports.

Protests took place yesterday in Blagoevgrad and Burgas where protesters wrote "Resign" and "Mobsters - get out!" in chalk in front of city hall. Shouting "Resign, put an end to the dictatorship", protesters briefly blocked streets in Stara Zagora, BNR's regional radio stations report.

A protest is once again scheduled for 7 PM tonight in front of the Presidency building under the motto "Protecting democracy: day 37". The protests continue in other towns across the country as well./BNR

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