Weather in Bulgaria: Weekend with Summer Temperatures up to 35 Degrees

The weekend will offer the typical summer weather with many sunny hours around the coast and summer storms in the central and western regions of the country.

Saturday will be the hottest day with afternoon temperatures ranging from 27 degrees in the Sofia region to 34-35 degrees in the central and eastern Danube and in the Southeast. Rainfall will be with thunder and a risk of hail. Conditions for local, short-term, at times intense precipitations with strong gusts of wind, will exist in Central and more in Western Bulgaria, where a yellow code with precipitation amounts of up to 50 liters per square meter is in force. In the east the weather will be dry.

On Sunday the daily temperatures will be 2-3 degrees lower. Again, the day will be relatively hot in Southeastern Bulgaria. Sunday precipitation will be in the western and central regions, as well as in isolated places in the Northeast.

The dynamic weather will not be felt around the coast, where the weekends will be dry and warm, with the characteristic east wind for the season. On Sunday the clouds will be more significant as here and there on the north coast it is possible to rain for a short time. Daily temperatures and those of the water will fluctuate around 26-28 degrees. The excitement will be more noticeable on Sunday on the southern shores and on the beaches open to the northeast. The height of the wave will be about 1 meter.

The first part of the new week will be mostly dry and with more sunny hours. There will be precipitation mainly in the Southwest. Daily temperatures will rise to 30-35 degrees in the middle of the week. Then summer showers, thunderstorms and a risk of hail are expected. The Black Sea coast will again stay away from rainfall, which will affect the western...

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