Experts warn of further surge in new Covid cases ahead

Two experts who serve on the committee advising the government on its handling of the coronavirus pandemic warn that if citizens do not exercise caution in the weeks and months ahead, and more restrictions are not implemented as soon as necessary, the continuing rise in infections could reach as high a 1,000 a day, pushing the national health system to breaking point.

Speaking on Skai television on Wednesday morning, infectious disease expert Marios Lazanas and Aristotle University environmental engineering professor Dimosthenis Sarigiannis rang the alarm after Tuesday's Health Ministry bulletin on the daily course of the pandemic showed a spike in new cases of 301 - of which 197 were concentrated in the region of Attica - as well as a surge in intensive care admissions to 67 from 59 on Monday.

"There is a progressive upward trend in cases that began in August, and...

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