Fresh expectations of the United States

The Greek political system has, by and large, hailed Joe Biden's victory and hopes that the new American president will take an active role in curbing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's expansionist ambitions. Their optimism will hopefully hold true, though such hopes have been dashed in the past.

To begin with, even if Biden is officially confirmed as the victor, Donald Trump will continue to serve as president of the United States until January 21, exercising all the powers of his office. Until the new president is sworn in, moreover, the US will be in a state of near paralysis as Trump plans to challenge the count in four states all the way to the Supreme Court, claiming oversights and fraud in the mail-in voting process. 

What is most important to Greece, however, is that Trump is the only leader right now who is able to check his Turkish counterpart. We...

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