Head of WHO in Serbia: I am afraid that Serbia is close to lockdown

Ivanusa says that if 95% of citizens ware masks, the state would never be in a situation to "stop life", expressing fear that Serbia is relatively close to lockdown due to the worsening epidemiological situation, but that the day has not yet come.
"The situation has been continuously deteriorating over the past few weeks and if that continues I'm afraid that Serbia will get to the moment that life stops… A lockdown would have grave economic consequences and we know that affects the health of the public which is why the WHO sees it as an ultimate measure…" Ivanusa said.
He estimated that the new vaccine against coronavirus is "in front of the door", but that in the beginning it will not be enough for everyone.
Ivanusa said that more than 60 percent of the global population should be vaccinated in order to achieve collective immunity.
"The first vaccines will most likely be available in December, but there won't be enough for everyone," he said and added that this means that a long time will pass before the required amounts of vaccine are made, said Ivanua for N1, as reported by daily Blic.

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