Sofia Ranks 13th by Air Pollution in the World

On 23 November Sofia Ranks 13th by Air Pollution in the World


This morning capital Bulgaria's capital Sofia is in the red air pollution sector. The fine particulate matter indicator is 59.2 μg/m³, according to the Sofia Air Quality Index, BGNES reports.

Thus Sofia ranks 13th in the world by dirty air today. The first place by dirty air is held today by the city of Lahore in Pakistan, second and third place are for cities in India - Delhi and Mumbai. Croatia's capital, Zagreb, this morning ranks fourth in the world in air pollution. Another Balkan capital - that of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo, takes seventh place.

The cleanest air this morning is in the Capital of Australia Canberra, immediately after it ranked our neighbors in Skopje, Northern Macedonia, in the third place by fresh air is Nagoya in Japan.

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