Dr Janković warns: the epidemic is not subsiding, it is heating up

At the moment, the epidemic is not subsiding, but is flaring up, Srdja Jankovic warns.
He told Radio Television of Serbia that ten days, as long as the new measures are limited, is the minimum period after which anything about the change of the epidemic curve could be noticed, at least some favorable or less unfavorable trend.
As he emphasized, it is crucial to wear masks, keep distance and avoid all gatherings except those that are absolutely necessary.
Speaking about shortening the working hours of some facilities, he warned that it is much more important that the measures are carried out at the time when those facilities are working.
He said that medical part of the Crisis Staff, of which he is a member, suggested that the upper grades of primary, secondary schools and faculties already move to online learning, and that only the lower grades of the elementary schools remain in schools.
"For now, it is estimated that it is not necessary, but it remains an option for later," Jankovi said.
As he stated, where the virus appears in the school and is transmitted through the school collective, even according to the existing measures, the class or schools are switching to online classes and that has not changed.

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