No side effects from local COVID-19 vaccine

Tests on a Turkish-made coronavirus vaccine are going smoothly, with none of the volunteers testing the vaccine showing any side effects, said the rector of a university in central Turkey on Nov. 23. 

Mustafa Çalış, the rector of Erciyes University in the Kayseri province, said 44 volunteers have been testing the ERUCOV-VAC vaccine.

"Phase 1 studies of our vaccine have been ongoing. As of today, 44 volunteers have been vaccinated with it and none of them have had any side effects, which is very important for Phase 1 studies," he said.

The lack of safety concerns in Phase 1 indicates they can start Phase 2 studies soon, he added.

Saying the university's test center is the only one in Turkey doing vaccine trails that are checked internationally, Çalış stressed: "We cannot, and will not, compromise on quality. On this condition, I would like to announce the good news that Phase 2 studies will start soon."

He added that he hopes to complete all phases as soon as possible to have a local vaccine.

Hailing the success of possible Turkish vaccines, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Twitter: "There are 15 more candidate vaccines, about which I will share great news."

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