Survey: 40% of Bulgarians Believe that COVID-19 Is Biological Weapon


40% of Bulgarians are of the opinion that Coronavirus is a biological weapon created in order to reduce the population on Earth. Just over a third believe COVID-19 is no more dangerous than seasonal flu. The data are from a survey of "Trend" agency.

According to half of the Bulgarians, Coronavirus is a synthetically created disease.45% are of the opinion that there is a vaccine, but it is kept in secret to let the disease spread even wider and pharmaceutical companies to make profit.

About 880,000 think that through the vaccine chips will be implanted on people to control them.

According to 17%, COVID-19 does not exist and this is a global scam. In June,23% thought so. The difference is largely due to the increase in the number of morbidity rates and deaths, as well as to the fact that now people already know at least one person who is or was sick. Some 10% agree with the theory that Coronavirus is spread via 5G technology.

The survey of "Trend" is commissioned by the newspaper "24 Hours" and was conducted between 2-10 November.

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