Greek recovery plan to focus on green, digital transformation, employment, investments

The Greek government presented on Wednesday its preliminary proposal for the distribution of support from the European Union's coronavirus recovery fund, totalling 32 billion euros.

Greece is to get 19.4 billion euros in grants and 12.7 billion in cheap loans over the next six years.

The main pillars of the Greek plan are a green and digital transformation, employment and social cohesion, private investments and transformation of the economy, said Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis, who presented the plan.

The green transformation will be funded with 6.2 billion euros (38% of total funds). Some of the projects are the interconnection of Crete and the Cyclades with the electricity network of the mainland, the simplification of licensing procedures for RES, the energy upgrade of buildings, the reform of urban planning, the electromobility (including in...

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