Turkey secures a foothold in the Caucasus

The escalation of the coronavirus crisis - the death toll from which continues to climb and which is threatening to send the public health systems in Greece and other parts of Europe into gridlock - in combination with the artificial political confrontation provoked by the tactical maneuvers of the Greek Communist Party (KKE), SYRIZA and Mera25 opposition parties in the name of the anniversary of the November 17 Athens Polytechnic uprising, has overshadowed interest in other recent events and developments that are of direct or indirect interest to Greece. Nevertheless, their importance is great and cannot be overlooked.

How can we overlook Turkey's "victory" by proxy (Azerbaijan), with its own active participation, over Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh? As a result, and together with Russia, it canceled any influence France, the United States - the West, in fact - had in the...

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