EU-goslavia, headed by Belgrade?

Explaining this thought, he said the Western Balkans could become a new multiethnic entity made up of "six states", closely linked to the EU, headed by Belgrade.
"That will not exactly be a new Yugoslavia, which was a product of its time; but the facts on the ground will compel Biden to return to the logic of the recent past and push for the creation of its 21st century incarnation - a new EUgoslavia", Less writes in the author's text for "".
As to why Belgrade would be at the head of that multiethnic entity, Less explains in the text for that British political site by the fact that "Serbia has restored its position as the foremost state in the Balkans following the emergence of a strong leader who ended the chaos of the 2000s, and a period of structural reform which has harnessed Serbia's inherent advantages as the region's largest economy and natural center of gravity".
Less also points out that "Serbia has also engaged in some shrewd diplomatic maneuvering that has allowed it to leverage the support of various non-western powers which want a presence in the Balkans - Russia to buffer itself against western expansionism, China for economic reasons and Turkey as part of its bid for great power status".
That, he adds, has strengthened Serbia's position in relation to the United States.
"If President Biden wants to stay true to the long-standing American goal of establishing some kind of durable settlement in the Balkans that allows its internal development and external integration with the West, he must work within the parameters of this new reality", Less pointed out.
He estimates that there is no doubt that the Biden administration will want to cancel what former President Donald Trump did, but that, faced...

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