It's getting harder, we're exhausted. Introduced measures belated?

Although two packages of strict measures for the fight against the epidemic were introduced in just a few days, of which the decision to transfer upper primary and all secondary school students to online classes, a member of the Crisis Staff, epidemiologist Dr. Predrag Kon, said last night that we were late.
Kon added "the measures were certainly late", because, since November 6, the medical part of the Crisis Team has been proposing more restrictive measures.
"It is catastrophic when you have no room for sick people. It is also disastrous when the number of dead and infected patients is continuously increasing," he added.
He added that the epidemic was slowing down in Belgrade, but warned that if necessary, new measures will be enforced.

During the night, at Infectious Clinic 90 examinations, the number of patients grows

The director of the "Batut" Institute, Verica Jovanovi, stated today that the number and frequency of examinations is increasing and that a larger percentage of people require hospital care, stating that there were about 90 examinations at the KCS Infectious Diseases Clinic only last night, while more than 50 patients received emergency assistance.
Jovanovic told RTS that it is very unfavorable that all patients who require hospital treatment require the use of oxygen, because that further complicates the situation and work, since all therapeutic procedures require the active participation of medical staff.
Only during the night, according to the data that arrive continuously, at the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Clinical Center of Serbia, there were about 90 examinations.

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