Lockdown extension should be longer, doctors say

Reacting to the government's extension of the lockdown until December 7, some doctors say it is not enough.

Athanassios Exadactylos, president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, said the lockdown ought to be extended by two weeks, adding that he doesn't see a drop in cases but a stabilization at high levels.

"When we have 596 patients in intensive care units and a relaxation of measures brings in another 100...we will give up. The health system has a limited number of available spaces."

Exadactylos said a relaxation should happen when new daily cases drop below 1,000 and the number of patients in intensive care also drops to a "safe" level, for the system.

Matina Pagoni, president of the Association of Athens-Piraeus hospital doctors, said that the week of December 7-14 will be crucial.

Another scientist, Professor of Microbiology Alkiviadis...

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