Greece puts faith in online schooling

There's just 10 minutes left to come up with a story using items scattered on the prep table: Leaves and ferns from the schoolyard, scissor-cut scraps of colored paper, a glue stick, and two hand puppets - a long-tailed squirrel and a blue hedgehog.

When class begins, two teachers put on raspy play-voices and let the puppets, Jo the hedgehog and Joo the squirrel, greet their preschool students - except the desks in front of them are all empty.

As European governments double down on restrictions, Greece has taken the additional step of moving all school and university tuition to remote classrooms to cope with an alarming rise of Covid-19 infections.

Jo and Joo, hovering over a laptop camera, bob to music and welcome 4-year-olds as they appear onscreen: "Hello Marios!"..."Oh Theodora, you have the Christmas tree up already." Finishing each other's...

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