Shocking defeat - Switzerland "smashed" Serbia

Serbia additionally made its journey to Eurobasket more difficult, as it is defeated by Switzerland with 92:90 on Saturday night.
Switzerland scored 13 three-pointers in this match, and the point for the victory was scored by Robert Kovac from the left corner, leaving Serbia helpless on the floor.

Foto: FIBA

Avramovi was the most efficient with 23 points, Andjusic and Apic scored 20 points each, and Marko Mladjan had 18 points on the other side, Kazadi and Dusan Mladjan scored 16 points each, while Kovac scored 14 points.
With this defeat, Serbia additionally made the way to Eurobasket even more difficult, as they will play with the host Finland in two days, and then two matches await them in the qualifications rounds in February.

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