How Bulgarian Tourism Survives in Time of Pandemic?

How Bulgarian Tourism Survives in Time of Pandemic?

The team of asked Assoc. Prof. Rumen Draganov, President of the Confederation of Tourism Business in Bulgaria, for an expert opinion on the situation in tourism during the Coronavirus crisis.  

-     What are the expectations in the tourism sector for the winter season? Will tourism industry survive during the pandemic with a view to the new restrictive measures?

-     Draganov: Under these measures, the sector will do the best it can to be able to survive in this complicated situation. All of us, who took commitment to serve their customers adequately during the coming holidays are fully prepared to meet these commitments and comply with the orders and instructions of the Health Minister.

-     What about the ski season and its postponement?

-     Draganov: We uphold the position of Deputy Premier Mariana Nikolova who said that the Bulgarian tourism fully complies with the novel requirements and took all the necessary measures in order to preserve lives and health of tourists and our personnel and avoid any dangers as regards observance of anti-Covid measures. We saw that total lockdown is counterproductive and creates many problems. We are prepared to see the same development as we saw during the summer season. Sustainable tourism, which in most cases is family business with small hotels, guest houses and villas for rent worked at full capacity during the summer, the same is likely to happen during the winter.  All of these small businesses have their own customers who appreciate their professional skills. These companies have no problems on the internal market and have good connections.

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