As of today, students will start with online classes. Schools are given instructions.

At the same time, younger elementary school students, from the first to the fourth grade, continue to attend classes at school.
By the decision of the Government of Serbia, on the recommendation of the Crisis Staff, distance learning for older elementary and high school students will be applied until the beginning of the winter break on December 21.
The Ministry of Education has removed the dilemmas of how students will be assessed in the letter they sent to all schools, and in which it states that the assessment will also be remote.
"Special attention should be paid to the progress of students in accordance with the principles of formative assessment, about which schools received instructions in the previous period, and which should be applied under these circumstances as well," the letter to school principals reads. They state that teachers should insist on important contents, i.e. on the contents that are crucial for achieving the outcome of the mandatory subjects, elective program and free teaching activities.
"The grades that the students received during the immediate educational work from the beginning of this school year and the data on the students' progress and the grades that the students will receive in the period until the end of the first semester will enable the final grade," the Ministry of Education states.
The teacher has the autonomy to plan the assessment and to decide whether the written assignments, planned in the following period, can be realized through distance learning.
If that is not possible, they can complete written assignments in the second semester as well, but to take care of a proportional schedule in relation to other written and control assignments. If the student is dissatisfied with the...

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