"An extremely difficult night is behind us"; critically in seven cities in Vojvodina

The director of the Clinical Center of Serbia, Professor Dr Milika Asanin, said this morning that 80 patients were admitted to the new COVID hospital in Batajnica and that it was an extremely difficult night for us.
"We had 80 admissions during the night, it was an extremely difficult night. Admissions started yesterday at 5 pm. These are patients with moderate and severe image, pneumonia of both lungs. 41 patients came from the Infectious Diseases Clinic, 27 from KBC Beanijska kosa. There were patients from KBC Zvezdara, Zemun. Eight of them demanded to be admitted to intensive care. The youngest patient is 33 years old, the oldest patient is 91 years old", Ashanin points out.
During the previous day, 1.873 new cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Vojvodina, and a high level of infection is still registered in all municipalities and cities, the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina announced this morning.
As it is stated, most new cases were registered in Novi Sad, 537 of them, and the situation is also critical in Pancevo, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Sombor, Subotica and Sremska Mitrovica. At the moment, the number of registered active cases in AP Vojvodina is 33.498, but the Institute estimates that the number is "far higher".


Shopping malls, clothing stores, bookmakers, casinos, children's playrooms, hairdressers and beauty salons are closed from Friday at 5 pm to Monday at 5 am.

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