Hospitals crowded; More than 2.000 victims of COVID-19

Petar Svorcan, Director of KBC Zvezdara, says for RTS that there is a trend in that health institution to receive the same number of patients with COVID-19 per day as they are discharged.
"From yesterday until today, we received 58, and discharged 53, this trend has been maintained for the last seven days. Fifty patients are in Intensive Care, 22 on a respirator," states Svorcan.

Hospital in Zrenjanin: 131 patients

In the area of Zrenjanin, about 2.200 citizens are currently suffering from COVID-19 infection. It is worrying that a large number of health workers are among them.
Dr Dusan Slankamenac from the General Hospital "Dr Djordje Jovanovic" in Zrenjanin stated that 131 patients positive for COVID-19 are being treated in that health institution.
"One of them is in a serious condition, in intensive care. We have two patients on a respirator. One third is in semi-intensive care, while the other patients suffer somewhat milder forms of the disease," Dr Slankamenac told RTS.

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