Village in Agrafa in strict lockdown as infections spike

Residents of a small village in mountainous Agrafa, central Greece, were told to stay at home for the next five days due to the high viral load in the community, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection announced Thursday.

During this time, food and medicine will be brought into the village of Raptopoulo by municipal and regional authorities.

Residents are also barred from leaving their municipality. Police will be tasked with enforcing the rules.

The General Secretariat did not reveal the number of infections found in Raptopoulo, but noted that no positive tests were confirmed in the nearby communities of Granitsa, Lepiana, Paleokatouna, Itea Agrafon, Dafnoula and Voulpi.

The additional restrictive measures will remain in place until December 15, when authorities will reassess the situation in the village. 

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