Why is Madeleine Albright the best solution for Serbia?

Although she is a woman who said "disgusting Serbs", which automatically ranked her among the most hated world figures in Serbia, there is a cynical thesis that Madeleine Albright is currently the best American solution for Serbs and Serbia, Sputnik writes.
If Madeleine Albright were in the place of, for example, the special envoy of President Joseph Biden for the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, even the last, theoretical and hypothetical chance for Serbia to agree to Kosovo's independence would disappear, Sputnik points out.
With it, it is further emphasized in the text, there would be no mimicry, tensions, trade, demarcation, middle and compromise solutions.
Albright, who passionately advocated the bombing of the FRY, spent the first years of her life in Belgrade, in a house not far from the Vuk Monument area, and is destined for the Balkans and always returned to the "crime scene" unmistakably marking Serbs as the culprits of all conflicts.
This was also the case in the 1990s, when, as the US representative to the UN, she was directly politically involved in the war in Bosnia and absolutely and biasedly supported exclusively the Muslim side. It is the same today, again, when her candidate enters the White House and when she participates in rallies where the annulment of the Dayton Accords, the wiping off Republika Srpska and the complete unitarization of Bosnia and Herzegovina are announced.
So, as far as this issue is concerned, Madeleine Albright and the Serbs are completely clear on it, and no "reward" or fairy tale about a multiethnic country can be given to them in order to give up the historical agreement that ended the war in Bosnia.
Joe Biden has not even stepped into the Oval Office yet, and the eighty...

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