Predrag Kon: "Medical part of the Crisis Staff is strictly against easing measures"

However, as he said, "reality is as it is" and that "they will consider this decision again".
He said on RTS that he did not even know why the application of the measure that one can enter Serbia only with a negative PCR test was postponed for two days and is valid only from midnight.
He added that the PCR test was important and that the medical part of the Crisis Staff had proposed such a measure before, but that "logistical support" should have been prepared.
He added that the crowds at the borders are common at this time of the year, and that they are even less than in previous years, and that the arrival of a few tens of thousands of Serbian citizens for the holidays will be less of a blow than when 400.000 people came to Serbia around Easter. When it comes to the New Year's Eve, Kon pointed out that it is no secret that the doctors from the Crisis Staff recommended restricting movement from 19.00 to five in the morning, but that there is no need for that for now.
"The usual New Year's Eve celebration is not a realistic option and that would be catastrophic," Kon said, adding that the epidemic situation is still unfavorable and that hospital capacities are rather full.
The number of 1.002 newly infected in Belgrade yesterday is lower due to the weekend, and it will only be known on Tuesday whether the number is really lower, Kon pointed out.
He praised the hosts who spent St. Nicholas in the family circle because, as he said, it was "the greatest help to doctors" and told the citizens to "endure" and stay in the family circle for the New Year.
"Now we have to appeal to the citizens to persevere and not to be lulled in the opinion that the crisis is passing because even though the numbers are decreasing, the level of...

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