Antony Rangachev: Bulgaria Performs Least Number of PCR Tests in EU and Balkans

Authorities act blindfolded in dealing with the pandemic

 "We have made many mistakes all along the line in dealing with the pandemic over the recent months, the situation is extremely dramatic because within the last six weeks by mortality rate Bulgaria has overtaken three of the most affected countries - US, UK and Spain", commented in "Before All" radio show Antoni Rangachev, professor of mathematics at the University of Chicago and author of a study on Covid-19 in Bulgaria.

 "These are fatalities not only from Covid-19, but also as a consequence of the health system collapse - these are the cases of patients with heart attacks and strokes for whom there was no quick access to health care.

 For Bulgaria this is the most characteristic indicator, but there is something else - Bulgaria does the least number of  tests in the European Union and the Balkan countries, even North Macedonia does more tests per capita, moreover - we are first in the world in mortality per capita, not in the EU, as claimed, but we are in the 27th position by morbidity. This drastic difference can only tell us that we are acting blindfolded as regards the development of the pandemic and the PCR tests, so testing is not an indicator," the expert explained.

 As an example he quoted many countries where people are tested for free outside in parks, in front of shops.

"Now we may have achieved some critical mortality rate, but holidays are coming, anti-epidemic measures are extremely lax in Bulgaria, draconian measures are being taken around the world, and in our country there has been no information campaign as to how to behave during the holidays, so January can turn into a big bang - against the...

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