"We've sent Goran Stevanovic to Dodik, the situation is not ideal"

"Milorad Dodik is in Banja Luka. Yesterday, we sent a team of our doctors, headed by the CEO of the Infectious Diseases clinic in Belgrade Dr Goran Stevanovic. We are monitoring at all times," said Vui.
"I talk to him two or three times a day. I wish him good health. He is holding up well, but the condition is not ideal, though it is not terrible either. It is not what we would like it to be", he added.
"We are monitoring his condition... He will have the best care and we will do everything we can. At any moment, we are ready, if necessary, to transfer Dodik to Belgrade," said Vucic.
Just to reiterate, Dodik was admitted to the Banja Luka hospital after he fell ill, and the doctors stated that he had pneumonia. Subsequently, the test determined that he was positive for coronavirus.

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