Greece celebrates Christmas, with restrictions

As Greeks celebrate Christmas on Friday, authorities are warning of the dangers of ignoring coronavirus regulations during the festive season and urging the public to stay safe.

"Christmas is always something to look forward to. Even though this year's will not be the same as others, we look forward to it with joy and love," Deputy Minister for Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said in a holiday message on Thursday.

"These holidays are an important crossroads between two years that will always show us the two sides of human nature: How vulnerable, fragile and unprepared we can be in the face of an unprecedented challenge, but also how strong, capable and determined we can become along the way," he added.

Some of the main restrictions this year include the 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew and a limit of nine people around the holiday table.

People leaving home to...

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