5G has raised speed of connection

Owners of 5G-compatible portable devices, in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities with the necessary antenna networks, have already noticed an increase in connection speeds and significantly shorter internet response times.

Just two weeks after the completion of the bandwidth auctions by the industry's regulator (EETT), two out of three licensed service providers - Cosmote and Wind - have started the commercial supply of fifth-generation internet connection services, with Vodafone set to follow as of this Friday.

The 5G speed test Kathimerini conducted with a certified 5G iPhone 12 Mini smartphone, using a Cosmote SIM card, pointed to speeds ranging from 250 Mbps in Athens suburbs such as Maroussi to over 600 Mbps in districts close to the city center - i.e. at Ilissia.

The faster the 5G network rollout proceeds, the faster data speeds will grow, exceeding 1...

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