Joint Statement of presidents Iohannis, Sandu: Romania - the most sincere supporter of Moldovan citizens

Romania is committed to remaining the most sincere supporter of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, as the neighbouring country reaffirms its determination to strengthen its European path, according to the Joint Statement signed by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu. The document was signed on Tuesday, during the official visit of the President of Romania to the neighbouring country. "Romania and the Republic of Moldova reaffirm the special nature of their bilateral relationship based on their common language, culture and history, and based on the Strategic Partnership for European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, from which signing we celebrate, in 2020, ten years. The Republic of Moldova reconfirms that its natural place is in the European family," begins the joint statement, released by the Presidential Administration. In this document, Romania "emphasizes the legitimate nature of the expectations of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for a prosperous life, in a stable and democratic state, with modern public institutions and an independent judiciary, and will continue to support the fulfilment of the fundamental objective of European integration of the Republic of Moldova, the only one able to ensure the stability, economic and social development of this country." Thus, our country "commits itself to remain the most sincere supporter of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, as it has already acted and will continue to do so in the context of the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic." In its turn, the statement continues, the Republic of Moldova "reaffirms its determination to continue building a democratic and prosperous state, including by strengthening its European path and benefiting from the support and cooperation offered within the bilateral Strategic Partnership with Romania. While emphasizing the importance of the full implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union, including of the provisions on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, the Republic of Moldova reaffirms its commitment to continue implementing democratic reforms, with a special focus on justice reform, the rule of law, the fight against corruption and ensuring mass-media independence." The same document also underlines the commitment of both countries to continue cooperation projects. "Recognizing the contribution of bilateral cooperation projects carried out by Romania in the Republic of Moldova to the efforts to improve the living conditions of all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of the geographical area where they live, language spoken, political orientation, Moldova emphasizes the commitment to continue implementing cooperation projects carried out with Romania, including and especially the strategic interconnection projects and the projects in the field of infrastructure, as well as the decision to support and protect Romania's investment presence in the Republic of Moldova," mentions the Joint Statement. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the common language, culture and history of the two countries, which "reaffirms the invaluable value of the common cultural heritage, an integral part of the European heritage, which underlies the privileged relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova." "In view of the above, the two sides underline the particular importance of deepening cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, with an emphasis on issues of strategic interest, and express the determination to act together in a coordinated manner to achieve our common objectives," concludes the abovementioned Joint Statement. AGERPRES (RO - author: Oana Ghita, editor: Florin Marin, EN - author: Cristina Zaharia)

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