Bulgaria: Increase of Minimum Salary and Pensions from Today

From January first  minimum salary is BGN 650 - increase with BGN 40. Salaries for government officials will be increased by 10%.

 For the entire 2021, funds are planned to ensure a 30% increase from 1 August 2020 in the salaries of the administrations, which are charged with activities to control the pandemic and the consequences of COVID-19.

There are also changes in the monthly child allowances.

 Families with an income of up to BGN 410 per person will receive BGN 40 monthly allowance for raising one child, and BGN 90 for two. The monthly allowance for the lowest-income families with three children is BGN 135, for four children BGN 145, and for each subsequent child the family allowance increases by BGN 20, reminds BNR.

If the income of a family member is in the range of BGN 410 to 510, then the assistance is 80% of the amount of the monthly allowances for the children of the lowest income families. The monthly allowance for raising twins is BGN 75.

The monthly allowance for raising a child with a permanent disability, according to the type and degree of disability, or the degree of permanently reduced working capacity, is between BGN 930 and 350.

The one-time allowance for students enrolled in first and eighth grade is BGN 300.

17% is provided increase in teachers' salaries and 15 percent for the salaries in the Ministry of Interior.

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