Speaker Orban's New Year message: War not over yet, but we hold hopes it will end soon

Lower House Speaker and Liberal Chairman Ludovic Orban remarked in his New Year's message that 2020 was "perhaps the toughest year in our recent history", "a year of war that isn't over yet, but which we hope will end soon." Orban also voices his confidence that by mid-2021 vaccination will bring the pandemic to a halt. Taking to Facebook a few hours before the end of 2020, Ludovic Orban wrote that this "was a year in which we all, citizens and authorities, were put to the test in order to cope with a crisis humanity had never before been faced with. I want to thank each and every Romanian who, through their conduct and solidarity, has made an essential and necessary contribution to saving the lives of others. An individual gesture may not always be perceived as meaningful, but I assure you that it has been and will remain as such. We must realize that thanks to the rule-compliant behavior of most of us we have managed to keep the pandemic under control, which is an exceptional feat we can be proud of as a society, because only through a joint effort have we found the strength to overcome the trials of 2020." He also referred to the efforts of the medical workers, stating that he stands by the side of "our front line heroes and of the medical workers who have made and are making superhuman efforts. We will remain forever grateful to these people for their dedication in putting their lives on the line in order the save their fellow people. I think with grief and compassion of the families of those who have fallen in the line of duty in this pandemic and I wish them closure." The former Prime Minister also shows that in 2020 the Liberal government has thrown in "all its energy and skill" in order to reduce as much as possible the losses caused by the health crisis. "It was a year of racing against the clock, in which we had to compensate for material shortages, for a reduced administrative capacity, but also for the disloyal conduct on the part of other political actors. We enjoyed, however, the partnership of President Klaus Iohannis whose support was decisive. It's been a year of war that isn't over yet, but which we hope to end soon," the Liberal leader wrote. Ludovic Orban also emphasizes the importance of the COVID vaccination for winning the fight against the virus. "The New Year finds us in full swing vaccination campaign and I am convinced that once this process is completed we will return to a normal life. I hope that by the middle of next year vaccination will put an end to the pandemic and each of us will be able to fully enjoy the social interaction we've missed so much. I urge every Romanian to take the vaccine because it's the only tool whereby we can defeat together this ruthless virus. Also, it is extremely important that we remain cautious and observe the health rules until the vaccine produces a general immunization in society," the Chamber of Deputies' Speaker argues. In conclusion, he says that at the passage of the years we can look to the future with hope and confidence. "Our efforts in this difficult year have proven that we can be united in hardship, but they will also make it possible to unleash the joy of being together, of coming back to life the way we wish in 2021. Happy New Year, dear Romanians! May the New Year bring you plenty of good health, faith and hope!," Ludovic Orban writes in the end of the message. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Marius Fratila; EN - editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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