Bulgaria: Over 5,000 Breaches of Construction Safety Regulations Found in December Alone

After an inspection ordered by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office 5092 breaches of construction safety regulations were found in the country only in December. The inspection was provoked by an incident at a construction site in near the Dimitar Petkov market  in Sofia, where one worker died and several others were injured.

Of the nearly 6,000 violations, 3,792  are related to health and safety rules at work, the public prosecutor said, citing a report prepared by the General Labor Inspectorate.

Most often the breaches involve use of unsecured scaffolding, working without personal protective gear, as well as lack of control. As a result of the inspection,54 reports were drawn up for working without hard hats and other protective gear.

Owing to gross breaches of safety regulation 56 construction sites were closed.

The inspectors found 127 people working without an employment contract, and at one site a minor was working, for which the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office was approached.

Inspectors from the state construction control agency specifically examined 6 construction sites where accidents were reported involving victims and deaths.

Six statements have been drawn up for breaches of labor safety regulations to those guilty to a total amount of BGN 51,500, prosecutor's office informs.



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