Vucic: Mandatory military service? We still haven't decided

The president visited the same family at the end of 2019, because, as he said at the time, he wanted to visit the family of a wonderful woman before the New Year, with nine children, whose husband passed away a few years ago.
The president talked to the family about their problems and promised state assistance.
Jovanka lost her husband almost three years ago and is raising seven sons and two daughters on her own, and the family lives off the pastry shop "Nine sweets" and a child allowance of 15.000 dinars.
The oldest child, daughter Cvija, is 19 years old, and the youngest, son Uro, is eight years old. The family also includes sons Milo (18), Milan (17), Nemanja (16), Milica (15), Stefan (13), Mihajlo (10) and Ognjen (9).
Today, the Minister of Agriculture, Branislav Nedimovi, who is from that area, also visited the family with President Vui.

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"There are a lot of poor people, but you can't say that about Jovanka"

At the beginning of his address to the media, the president said that he will help this family. He said he was grateful to this family for their hospitality.
"Regardless of the fact that Serbia is progressing, there are still many poor people. It cannot be said about Jovanka, she has nine children," Vucic said, adding: "Children are the future, everything we do, we do for the sake of children." When it comes to Sremska Mitrovica, the president announced a large project for the construction and reconstruction of the hospital. "I think that's crucial," he says.
There is no more important task than to ensure the demographic progress of the country, because without children, Serbia will not exist...

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