Bulgaria Celebrates 173 years Since the Birth of Hristo Botev

Today marks 173 years since the birth of Hristo Botev.

A garland of glory will be laid in front of the monument of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary in his hometown of Kalofer. The solemn ceremony will begin with a military ritual from the yard of the Hristo Botev National Museum.

The director of the museum Asya Nikolova emphasized that traditionally there will be a pilgrimage in front of the monument of the mother of the great Bulgarian Ivana Boteva. Botev's first poem, dedicated to her - "Maytse si" (To My Mom) will sound again.

"Everyone who will attend this celebration will honor this anniversary with silence and flowers, despite the conditions in which our society finds itself. Even those who cannot attend can remember his genious words, his verses. The most important thing is to keep the memory, the memory of those who gave "strength and youth", as he himself writes, to call it today Bulgaria, free, independent."

Since the beginning of the week, the National Museum "Hristo Botev", where the only preserved personal belongings of the revolutionary poet are stored, is open to visitors in compliance with anti-epidemic requirements, added Asya Nikolova.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the exposition dedicated to the poet and revolutionary will be open for free visits in the Vratsa Museum. The museum maintains a rich exposition related to the heroism of Botev and his squadron in the Vratsa region. Today, the hall in which the exhibition is housed will be sounded by his poems.

Due to the pandemic, today's traditional Botev celebration will be online - on the museum's Facebook page from 5 pm.

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