Most of Bulgarians Cannot Heat Homes in Winter Properly

Bulgaria is the country in the European Union (EU) with the largest share of people who cannot adequately heat their homes, show data from the European statistical office Eurostat for 2019. A total of 30.1 per cent of Bulgarians cannot heat their homes during the cold season. The average level for the European Union is 6.9 percent, i.e. over 4 times less.

The peak of this share was in 2012 (10.8 percent) and has been
declining since then. The situation in the member states varies. Bulgaria is followed
by Lithuania (26.7 percent), Cyprus (21 percent) and Portugal
(18.9 percent).

The lowest share (about 2 percent) is registered in Finland,
Austria and Sweden.

Although Bulgaria tops the negative ranking, the number of
people who cannot afford heating during the cold months is
declining. In 2010 it was more than 2 times higher - 66.5 per
cent, in 2011 it dropped to 46 per cent.


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