PSD asks clearly for schools to reopen when holiday ends

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) is calling for the reopening of schools once the holiday ends, the Social Democrat MP Alexandru Rafila said on Wednesday, arguing that a postponement "has no justification". "I am sorry that (Education, ed. n.) Minister Campeanu is put in a situation where he does not have the decision to decide very clearly, together with the Minister of Health, to open the schools. The closure of the school, as you know, was a measure that has not been taken, at least for primary schools, in any of the Member States of the European Union during November and December, and we have reached a situation where, for almost a year, children have not only had limited access to education, especially those from disadvantaged categories, some in rural areas who do not have access to online education, but are deeply marked in their psychosocial development as future adults because they cannot interact with each other, they cannot interact with their teachers," Rafila said in a press conference. He described as "inexplicable" the decision to maintain this situation until February 8. "The PSD clearly calls for the reopening of schools once the holiday is over," Alexandru Rafila said. According to him, the postponement of the opening of schools "is not healthy for children, their parents, or the national economy". "I understand that Minister Campeanu has a heavy inheritance on the part of (former minister, ed. n.) Mrs Anisie and I do not think it is a surprise to anyone, but, on the other hand, the postponement of the opening of schools has no justification. As you know, the figures published in recent weeks by the Ministry of Health show a decrease in the incidence of infection, show the vast majority, with three exceptions, of Romanian counties in the green zone, and this obviously has no correlation with this measure of delaying the opening of schools," the PSD MP added.AGERPRES(RO - author: Dana Piciu, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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