Merry Christmas, Christ is born

Along with Easter, Christmas is one of the two greatest Christian holidays.
It is the day when the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ and when, according to the belief, the spirit of Jesus is omnipresent among people, bringing them peace and forgiveness.
In addition to the Serbian Orthodox Church, Christmas is also celebrated on January 7 in Russia, Georgia and Macedonia, as well as by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Copts.

SPC: Let's preserve our health and protect others

Serbian Orthodox Church wished a happy holiday with the traditional greeting, "Peace from God - Christ is born".
"May this Christmas bring peace, love, harmony, joy and blessing to all our spiritual children at home and abroad and give repentance and readiness for forgiveness", it is said in the Epistle of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church and all archbishops on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, one of the two happiest Christian holidays.
The words of consolation of the Synod and the archbishop were addressed to all the unfortunates who were wronged, but also to all those who were left without their loved ones in these difficult days due to the consequences of a vicious disease.
In these days of great temptations, an invitation was sent to the citizens to thank the doctors and medical staff who selflessly try to help every person, often at the cost of their own lives.
That love and sacrifice oblige us to preserve our health and our lives in these difficult days for the entire human race, as well as to protect others in the way that is recommended.
"And if, perhaps, sorrow has been pressing on our hearts all year long, let joy be born in it today, because we celebrate the Birth of the greatest Joy, the...

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