Spanish Delivery Service Glovo Wants to Set Foot in Bulgaria

The shutdowns of malls and restaurants first in March and then in end-November has seriously impacted the trade and hospitality industry but at the same time offered the companies new opportunities for rechanneling greater part of their business to online services.

No doubt that e-stores and courier services were among the few businesses that managed to reap profits last year. In particular, home food delivery services have expanded rapidly after part of the restaurants which previously relied only on their "physical" sites have readjusted businesses to digital platforms.

Over the past year, a significant part of food purchases was exactly in the Home Delivery segment, which have an almost 16-percent share on the whole e-market in 2020, according to the data of the National Statistical Institute.

Our main leaders in this segment are the platforms of Foodpanda and Takeaway. The first of them entered the Bulgarian market in 2014, and the second - 4 years later, after which it acquired the local BGMenu supplier.

However, a new player will probably enter Bulgaria, which has already been very successful on the market in neighboring Romania, where it has been active for 32 years. This is the case for the Spanish platform Glóvo, which is already operating in Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, as well as in France, Italy and Portugal. Due to the fact that there is still no official information from the company about the plans to debut in Bulgaria, in the last few weeks it has been actively working seeking to employ people to build their new small team in Sofia.Judging by the job ads published on the online platforms such as LinkedIn and Glasdoor, it is apparent that the platform seeks to employ heads of of "Sales", "Marketing" and "Finace" departments...

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