Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency Warns Drivers to Be Careful, Heavy Snowfalls Expected This Night


During the night and tomorrow - January 9, temperatures are expected to fall sharply, as in northwestern and northern Bulgaria the weather forecast is for snow and thicker snow cover. In six regions - Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Lovech, Gabrovo and Sofia region, Code Yellow has been declared for potentially dangerous weather with snowfalls and strong wind, blizzards and snowdrifts. The Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) is warning drivers who set out on a journey to make sure they have the right tires, drive at appropriate speed and with caution, keep safe distance and avoid dangerous maneuvering.

Vehicles that are not prepared for winter conditions may get stranded on the road, which makes it difficult for all other drivers the snow cleaning trucks to travel and work.

The regional road service teams monitor weather forecasts by regions and will see to it that asphalt cover is cleared of snow. To ensure traffic safety, if meteorological conditions so require, it is possible that certain road will be closed for treatment with chemical substances or sand.

About 3,000 snow-clearing machines - snowplows, sand scattering equipment, etc. - are involved in the maintenance of 20,000 km of republican roads during the winter months.

All citizens and transport companies can seek information about the current road situation and the wintertime maintenance of the republican network on the website of RIA - www.api.bg, as well as dialing RIA hotline 0700 130 20. The agency runs a situation center working 24 hours all year round in mode, which collects and summarizes data on the state of republican roads.


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