Turkey ratifies int'l agreements with seven countries

The Turkish government has ratified several separate international agreements with seven countries in areas of sports, health, and air transportation, according to Official Gazette on Jan. 7. 

A cooperation agreement between Turkey and Montenegro in the area of youth and sports was signed on Oct 4, 2019, and ratified on Thursday at the Turkish Official Gazette.

The agreement, which aims to contribute to the promotion and strengthening of friendly relations between both countries and their peoples, includes "ensuring the mutual participation of experts and youth" in various programs and events both nationally and internationally "in the field of youth."

Exchange of information, carrying out activities for youth "to be aware of the national, spiritual and cultural heritages" belonging to or shared by both countries, organizing of joint youth camps, promoting and organizing exchange programs is also included in the agreement.

Turkey and Montenegro will also exchange experts and experiences in the area of sports while conducting mutual visits and inviting athletes, trainers.

Separately, a protocol on cooperation between Turkey's Directorate of Archives and Ukraine's Archival services was signed on Feb 3, 2020, in Kiev and was ratified by Official Gazette publication today.

According to the protocol between Ankara and Kiev, both countries are to "conduct researches and exchange reproduced samples of archival documents per their national legislations."

Turkey and Ukraine will also exchange experts, publications, and organize scientific meetings exhibitions in the field of archives.

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