Brnabic: Crisis Staff session tomorrow VIDEO

The measures that were adopted on the eve of the New Year, so that catering facilities, shopping centers and services can work until 8 pm, and grocery stores until 9 pm, are valid until tomorrow.
Brnabic said that she had already started talks with the medical part of the Crisis Staff about all measures, and about entering Serbia, about schools, about measures for the economy.
"Crisis Staff will meet tomorrow morning, so tomorrow we will adopt new measures or make a decision on extending the existing ones," Brnabic told reporters after the start of vaccination in "Tirsova".
Prime Minister Ana Brnabi pointed out today that there will be enough vaccines available for all citizens who want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Prime Minister says that there is no fear for the citizens that will be willing to be vaccinated, that there will be no vaccines for them.
"Everyone in Serbia who'll want to be vaccinated - we'll provide vaccines for them. At the moment, we have an agreement for 8 million vaccines, for 4 million people," she explains.
After the start of vaccination of health workers in Tirsova, Brnabic said that she had seen a lot of misinformation and false news on that topic in the past few days.
She said that health workers are being vaccinated throughout Serbia, and that so far about 9.300 have been vaccinated in the first two priority categories - gerontology centers and health workers.
"It is at a satisfactory level. We plan to speed up the vaccination program for citizens in the coming days", she added.
Brnabic said that the plan of points for mass vaccination was completed during the holidays, which will be adopted at the Crisis Staff next week.
She conveyed that she expects the first...

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