Kon: We should not think this is over; It won't take long to get vaccinated VIDEO

"We will maintain these measures, we will not tighten them. Schools should start working, students should return to the benches or a combined teaching model should be applied. We must also keep the PCR test or the quarantine measure for those who do not have it," he said.
He believes that by respecting the measures during the holidays, we have avoided a new wave.
"Without the adopted measures, it could not be maintained. On the other hand, I think that the citizens of Serbia understood that. It can be seen through the celebration of Christmas" says Kon, adding that we will "pass solidly".
He points out that it is very important to maintain the level of decline in the number of newly infected, and he believes that the consequence of the holiday will still be evient.
"Don't think that this has passed. There is still a large number, it is a big fight," he added.
As for vaccination, Kon says that he did not have any unwanted symptoms.
"Only that evening did I feel pain when I moved my arm. The next day it was milder, two days later I didn't feel anything," he said, adding that the expected consequences of the vaccine were the pain he felt, as well as headaches and fever.
He denied that citizens will have to wait until 2022 to get vaccinated.
"Today, more than 18.000 doses of Pfizer vaccine are arriving, another half a million doses of V vaccine should arrive later in the month, and a million doses of Chinese vaccine by the end of the month", says Kon and adds that collective immunity is achievable.
He is not worried about the emergence of new strains of the virus.
"Different strains will appear. What matters is whether the vaccine works, and recent research shows that, at least when Pfizer is concerned, it...

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