More than 2.000 newly infected, the number of dead has dropped

11.122 people were tested.
Currently, 5.609 people are hospitalized, of which 194 are on a respirator.
A total of 361.782 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia since the outbreak of the epidemic, and 2.410.824 tests have been performed.
As a result of the COVID-19 disease, 3.610 people died in Serbia.
A session of the Crisis Staff was held today, and a decision was made to keep all the measures that were valid until today.
The working hours of caterers and other non-food facilities are allowed until 8 p.m.
Also, it was adopted that the second school semester would start on January 18, as planned.
Kisi Tepavevi also announced that, given the decline in the incidence of the disease, the "Banjica" Institute will start working in a non-COVID mode.
As for vaccination, she points out that it goes smoothly.
Additional quantities of Pfizer vaccines arrived in Serbia today, and Kisic said that the vaccine would come every week and that vaccination would be continued according to priorities.

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