Names Zeynep, Yusuf in most popular baby names list of 2020

The most popular name given to a baby girl in Turkey was "Zeynep" in 2020, while the most popular baby boy name was "Yusuf," according to a written statement from the Interior Ministry.

A total of 1,091,043 babies were born in Turkey in 2020, with 51 percent males and the rest females.

While the name "Zeynep" ranked as the most popular girls' name in 2020, with 11,179 babies given the name, the next in line was the name "Elif," with 7,316 babies, followed by the name "Defne," with 6,335 babies named so.

Other popular girls' names in 2020 were "Asel," "Azra," "Eylül," "Nehir," "Eslem," and "Asya."

Turkey welcomed 7,540 baby boys in 2020, and the name "Yusuf" made it at the top of most popular boys' names in 2020.

The name "Yusuf," which is a Turkish version of the name "Joseph," was followed by the names "Miraç" with 6,236 babies and "Eymen," with 6,222 babies receiving the names.

Other popular names that were the top choices for baby boy names were "Ömer Asaf," "Kerem," "Alparslan," "Mustafa," "Hamza" and "Ali Asaf."

According to the data obtained, it was seen that the name preference of Turkish people did not change much from previous years.

It was noteworthy that parents' tendency to give traditional names to male babies was higher than female babies.

Though the tendency to name babies after their grandparents was more prominent in naming male babies, it was observed that the tendency to give modern and popular names was more common while naming baby girls.

The statement also included a list of names with one baby each named so in 2020. The list includes the names, "Zeynep Göknil," "Seyyah Devrim," "Açela Nur," "Yüsra Çiğdem," "Abbas Efe" and "Alpargu."

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