Trump is a disturbed guy, Dukakis tells Kathimerini

"No need to be shocked. Trump is a very disturbed guy," 1988 Democratic nominee for US president Mike Dukakis tells Kathimerini in a brief interview. "And what happened last Wednesday may just be what we need to get him out of the nation's politics permanently. In the meantime, the Democrats will now control Congress as well as the White House, and that should be good news for all of us."

And he adds: "Biden is the right guy to repair the Trump wreckage and get us back on track. It will also mean a renewal of our ties to our friends in Europe and around the world and what I hope will be a renewal of our role as peacemaker and not a warmaker."

The former Massachusetts governor says that "this could well be the end of the 'Trump era' in American politics. The public reaction to what happened at the Capitol has been overwhelming. Trump probably won't be removed, but if...

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