The Balkans and the USA in the same sentence; A war scenario approaching?

According to Sputnik, the United States is facing a crisis of that kind for the first time, so the fate of their society is uncertain. It is only certain that it will largely depend on the new internal force of that country - "trampism", the portal Kosovo online reported.
The Balkans and the United States of America are mentioned again in the same sentence, but this time in a completely new, surprising context. Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband commented on the recent events in America for the British "Daily Mail" on Sunday - riots in the streets, the assault on the Capitol, the division of the American nation...
On that occasion, he predicted "Balkanization" for the United States, that is, the process of disintegration of the region into divided ethnic groups that are united only by a common geographical position, and torn apart by hostilities and animosities.
In his opinion, there is a risk that America will turn into the Balkans from the period of the acute phase of war and bloodshed. Asked whether America faces a scenario of war and bloodshed similar to the one in the Balkans, former Yugoslav foreign minister Vladislav Jovanovic said the situation in the country could become more serious than it already is, depending on how strong "trampism" will be, that is, the sum of all the internal contradictions of America. "The situation is very tense, dramatic. It is not known how it will end. America should not be buried, because it is the only great power in the world that has internal mechanisms to protect it from excessive earthquakes. It will not easily fall into a final crisis, but it will enter an extended one, which will have consequences both internally and externally," Jovanovic estimates.
Comparing the then Balkans and...

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