Uber to restart operating in Istanbul after Court of Appeals decision

U.S.-based ridesharing service Uber announced on early Jan. 13 that the access to its mobile application in Turkey has reopened after a decision by the Court of Appeals, paving the way for the company to relaunch operations.

"The access ban on us has been lifted as of today. We say, 'Hi again' to all the residents of Istanbul," said Uber's Turkey office on its official Twitter account with the hashtag #uberyeniden, which means "Uber once again" in Turkish.

The company will work with the yellow taxis of the metropolis.

In March 2019, Turkey's United Taxi Drivers Association opened a lawsuit against Uber and on Oct. 15, 2019, the local court decided to block access to Uber's application to offer transportation services.

Announcing the termination of its services, Uber applied to the Court of Appeals, saying it wants to continue operations with the yellow and turquoise taxis of Istanbul.

On Dec. 2020, the Court of Appeals overturned the local court's decision in a move that could see the company resume its operations in the country.

The company had recently said, "We believe and are committed to Turkey," after the decision of the Court of Appeals.

The details of how Uber will work with the yellow taxis of the city have not been announced yet.

An estimated 17,400 official yellow taxis operate in Istanbul.

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