Legal action on way against academic ghostwriting 'industry'

As academic ghostwriting 'industry' continues its unavoidable growth in Turkey, the country's Higher Education Council (YÖK) filed a criminal complaint to the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office about the suspects who prepared academic thesis and essays in exchange of money.

A public lawsuit was demanded against the firms that committed the crimes of 'qualified fraud' and 'aiding to crime' by writing a thesis or essay in return for money, according to the criminal complaint.

Essay-writing has been offered for a long time by individual freelancers via closed networks in Turkey, but in recent years firms have been more openly advertising "consultancy" services online.

According to the legislation, the work of a student who is determined to have someone else prepared his thesis, homework, or graduation project may be canceled.

The Turkish Penal Code stipulates a prison sentence of up to 5 years for those who commit 'fraud.'

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